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Centre services

Here at the Lifewise Centre, we deliver and manage many different, bespoke projects to a diverse audience within the community. These include:-

  • Internet and Social Media safety

  • Awareness sessions for vulnerable people

  • Events for Epic, relating to diverting people away from crime

  • Special events for home schooled and foster children

  • Help and advice for asylum seekers and refugees

  • Community Service Accreditation Scheme training

  • South Yorkshire Police cadet scheme

  • Emergency Services Engagement Days

  • South Yorkshire Police Volunteers scheme

Crucial Crew

Crucial Crew is an interactive, engaging, but also fun, personal safety educational provision managed by South Yorkshire Police, but delivered in collaboration with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.


The educational provision is a free offer to all mainstream primary schools, Special Educational Needs schools at Pupil Referral Units and Learning Centres in South Yorkshire.


The mainstream provision is offered to Year 6 pupils, where they take part in eight different scenarios during the day to learn how to keep themselves safe whether in the home or outside and the consequences of committing crime.


The Special Educational Needs provision is tailored to sessions that address personal safety to assist in independent living and in school activities.  The sessions help reinforce safety messages in school by taking part in interactive activities and physically demonstrating their knowledge in a realistic setting.

Sessions are offered on a basis of a half day or full day, based on need, and are open to Y6 primary pupils until sixth form.


The Pupil Referral Unit and Learning Centre provision is again tailored to suit the audience and the personal safety messages that would be beneficial to the pupils.  This provision is offered on a half day basis and covers 5 valuable scenarios for Y6 primary pupils until Y11 secondary school age pupils.


GAKTL Logo - Knife Angel Style Draft.png

The Guns and Knives Takes Lives is an hour long presentation which aims to educate school pupils in Y7 on the dangers of carrying and using these weapons, covering themes such as:-


  • The Law on knives and offensive weapons

  • Discuss the realities of carrying a knife 'for protection'

  • True life incidents

  • Operation Sceptre

  • Legal implications of being caught with a bladed article

  • Long term consequences

  • The Law on guns

  • Law on using others to carry weapons

  • Advice on disposal of weapons

  • How to report any concerns

YLYC Logo - Arrows.png

YOUR LIFE YOUR CHOICE, is a 60-minute session for Y9, where the realities of gang life are discussed, covering a range of themes:-

  • The Law on Guns and Knives

  • County Lines

  • Cuckooing

  • Child Criminal Exploitation

  • Legal consequences

  • Joint Enterprise

  • Tactics used by organised crime groups to trap young people in to a life of crime

  • Effect on family and friends

  • How to report any concerns

  • Groups able to help you out of the cycle

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