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Fire Classroom - Jan23.jpg

Fire Classroom

The Fire Classroom seats up to 65 people on comfortable chairs set out in theatre style, however the layout of the room can be changed to suit the event. The room is equipped with a Smartboard, Laptop with sound and a flipchart .

Green Room - Jan23.jpg

NHS Classroom

The NHS Classroom seats up to 30 people on comfortable chairs set out in boardroom style. The room is equipped with an overhead projector, flipchart and PC with sound.

Police Room - Jan23.jpg

Police Classroom

The Police Classroom seats up to 85 people on comfortable chairs set out in theatre style, however the layout of the room can be changed to suit the event. The room is equipped with a Smartboard, flipchart and Laptop with sound.


External A&E Area

On-set replica Accident & Emergency front entrance area, suitable for training and educational purposes.


On-set Park

Indoor replica 'local' park set, featuring artificial grass, swings and covered meeting pod.  Ideal for all-year-round engagement for park set scenarios or sessions.


Magistrates Court

On-set Magistrates courtroom, (which leads to a mock prison cell), which allows for a range of different courtroom scenarios for educational purposes.


Police Custody Desk

Recreation of a Police station custody desk for training or educational purposes.


Police Cell

Mock Police cell, specially designed to convey the realities of a prison environment.


Fire Station Facade

Mock Fire Station to raise awareness of fire safety to visitors to the Centre.


On-set Bus

Real on-set bus, with working lights and bell, which can be used for a variety of scenario's, from passenger safety to large vehicle blind spots.

House Living Room2 - Jan23.jpg

House Living Room

House living room set, which can be adapted for educational or training requirements, previous sessions have included electrical safety, bogus callers, etc.


Small Bedroom

On-set bedroom scenario, creating a realistic setting to discuss fire safety, from electrical items to staying safe in the home.

Fire Setter Bedroom - Jan23.jpg

Arson Room

Arson bedroom, recreated using items from real life incidents, to convey the damage and potential danger of fire in a house setting.


Internet Cafe

Internet Cafe style setting, in which to hold presentations, training sessions, 'role play' or educational talks for all ages.

Road Safety Scenario1 - Jan23.jpg

Street Scene & Road Crossing

On-set street scene, featuring a working Puffin Crossing, which allows for a variety of educational, road awareness or engagement sessions for all ages.


Community Hub

A Community Hub style setting, with wall edge seating and display screens, to create a versatile talk, presentation, education and awareness session area.


On-set Co-Op Shop

Realistic shop scenario, kindly donated by the Co-Op, suitable for a variety of training and awareness sessions.

The Set

The Set consists of twelve areas which can be used individually, as a whole set or in various combinations.

  • Police Station with custody area and cell

  • Fire Station

  • Accident and Emergency

  • Court Room

  • Internet Café

  • House with sitting room, kitchen diner, bedroom and garden

  • House with living room and garden

  • Shop

  • Park with youth shelter and swings

  • Community Hub dark alley behind

  • Street with Puffin Crossing and car

  • Single Decker Bus



Each day, Lifewise Centre staff and a Duty Manager are available to assist with the general arrangements of an event. Additional staff can be provided to facilitate scenarios in the set, this may incur an additional cost.


Opening Hours

The Lifewise Centre is open daily, except for Bank Holidays

  • Monday to Thursday 08:30 – 16:00

  • Friday 08:30 – 15:30  

The Centre may also open outside of these hours for pre-booked events

  • Monday to Thursday 17:00 – 20:00

  • Saturday 09:00 – 16:00

  • Sundays 09:00 – 16:00


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