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Lifewise Community Safety - External Engagement

The Community Safety Team offer a range of scenarios and safety talks, including external presentations suitable for schools, colleges, training centres and community hubs on a range of subjects.

For further information or to enquire about possible dates, then please complete the Enquiry Form listed above.

Internet Safety


​Duration:- 45-60mins

Suitable for age(s):- Y6 Primary School

Group Size:- Year Group

Theme:- The presentation covers how children can keep safe while using social media, the dangers of sharing images and personal information, Cyberbullying, as well as online Apps and gaming.  Children are also encouraged to discuss with their parents/guardians/family members safe-use of their own social media accounts in relation to posting images and information about them.

Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE)


​Duration:- 40mins

Suitable for age(s):- Y8

Group Size:- Year Group

Theme:- To educate young people on how to spot the signs of child criminal exploitation in a friend, relative or young person, and how to report any concerns.  Discussing issues such as Criminal Lines, organised crime gangs and 'cuckooing'.

Guns & Knives Take Lives (GAKTL)


​Duration:- 60mins

Suitable for age(s):- Y7, Y8, Y10 & Y11

Group Size:- Year Group

Theme:- GAKTL is an hour long interactive presentation discussing different aspects of the Law, the personal consequences of carrying a knife or gun, plus the impact of knife crime on friends, family and the wider community.  #knivestakelives

Your Life Your Choice (YLYC)


​Duration:- 75-90mins

Suitable for age(s):- Y9

Group Size:- Year Group

Theme:- The presentation is specifically aimed at Y9's and discusses a range of hard-hitting issues, such as county lines, grooming, child criminal exploitation, the consequences of knife and gun crime, and the harsh realities of being part of an organised crime gang.  YLYC also includes input from South Yorkshire Police Armed Response Officers, (depending on operational commitments), discussing their role and the consequences they see first-hand when attending serious crime incidents.



​Duration:- 20mins

Suitable for age(s):- Y9

Group Size:- Year Group

Theme:- To provide young people with the information and knowledge to make informed decisions in relation to Sexual Consent and how this relates to the law.

Sharing Images


​Duration:- 20mins

Suitable for age(s):- Y9

Group Size:- Year Group

Theme:- The presentation provides young people with the knowledge and information relating to sharing images, and highlights the implications in terms of the Law and possible consequences, including long-term.

Stalking & Harassment


​Duration:- 30mins

Suitable for age(s):- Y10

Group Size:- Year Group

Theme:- To engage with young people and discuss what constitutes stalking and harassment in the eyes of the law, the consequences, and where people can get help and advice.

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