Young Drivers

Young drivers represent approximately 7% of the driving population but are involved in approximately 23% of KSI, (Killed or Seriously Injured), collisions each year, with this figure rising to 32% for fatal accidents.

Male drivers are involved in significantly more collisions than females, and they also tend to be younger, (17 to 19 year olds).

Unfortunately young drivers are also more likely to drink and drive than other drivers, with alcohol playing a part in 12% of young drivers KSI collisions.  Young drivers, (aged 17 to 25 years), in South Yorkshire are involved in an average of 1292 collisions per year.

Influences that especially affect young people's driving:-

The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership have created a range of initiatives to tackle this problem, such as Drive For Life.  Please see the respective pages for further details.

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