During the winter period, the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership recommend that drivers and riders pay greater care and attention in wintery conditions.

Snow, frost, ice and spray on the roads mean that in addition to poor visibility, stopping distances increase and drivers should be prepared for the unexpected on the road.

Allow extra time for journeys, including time to properly de-ice and de-mist your vehicle if required before setting off.  Consider carrying an emergency kit for long journeys or during extreme weather conditions, which contains such useful items as a waterproof jacket, gloves, boots, hi-viz vest, hot drink and torch with spare batteries.

Supporting the Highways Agency winter campaign, the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is asking drivers to:

Keep yourself up to date with the latest forecasts from the Met Office.

Information on local gritting routes

During icy conditions consider using routes indicated on your local councils gritting plans for your journey:-





Further Winter Driving Advice

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