Nationally, incidents on our roads are the biggest killer of young people, aged 16-24 but could often be avoided by simple changes in behaviour.

As a response to this distressing fact, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, on behalf of the wider South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, has commissioned social engagement agency Lime to develop a Collision programme that will be used in schools across the county to raise awareness, change behaviours and, ultimately, reduce the number of casualties occurring as a result of road traffic collisions.

This programme has been developed from the experiences and perceptions of local teenagers, some of whom have gone on to work directly with the producers in developing a short film that is set and filmed in our county and forms the focus of a range of resource materials.

Click here to download the collision flyer.

Collision Trailer on Vimeo.

For further details about the initiative and to book a session please contact the Fire Service RTC Reduction Team on 01709 832455 or alternatively SRP Officer Wendy Abbott on 01709 832461.

If you have used the 'Collision' initiative and materials then any feedback would be greatly appreciated, please use the links below for any comments or suggestions:-

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