A FREE initiative from the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.

TWANG or 'TWist ANd Go', is a free course aimed at 49cc-125cc riders who live or work in South Yorkshire.  The training devised by the British SuperBike School is specifically aimed at motorbike and scooter owners that may have only done a CBT, (or drivers that may be riding through their licence entitlement), but are looking for additional information and training to improve their skills.

Unfortunately riders of lower powered machines are over represented in the region's collision statistics.

TWANG provides a great opportunity to talk with other riders about the daily problems of riding 49cc-125cc machines on South Yorkshire roads.  The session will provide a mix of theory and practical advice, covering issues such as defensive riding and the hazards to watch out for.  Each course also provides free practical training on basic maintenance, and a chance to improve your slow riding and braking technique for all weather conditions.

TWANG is free and can be held at suitable locations across South Yorkshire, including local Fire Stations and Schools/Colleges with appropriate outside training areas.  If you are a teacher or lecturer and would like to run a session at your college then please email your details and we will be in touch, SaferRoads@southyorks.pnn.police.uk 


If you would like to attend a session, which are completely free, then please contact the South Yorkshire Safer Roads team on 01709 832452 or email SaferRoads@southyorks.pnn.police.uk

Alternatively print out our booking form and either post or scan and email to South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership - TWANG Booking Form and Flyer

First Session at Lifewise -

A real diverse mix of riders and bikes on the day.

A bit different from the norm, but here is our slow riding competition, 'who could ride the slowest around our test circuit'.  This is a real test of a riders bike control, balance, throttle skills and confidence.

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