The JRSO Scheme 

  • What is the JRSO role?
  • How to get involved, what are the next steps?
  • Help and support
  • JRSO recruitment/selection
  • At the end of the year

What is the Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) role?
The Junior Road Safety Officer Scheme is FREE to all Primary and Junior schools across South Yorkshire. The JRSOs are to encourage their fellow pupils to take responsibility for their own safety on the road as well as looking out for each other. They can do this by addressing road safety issues on a regular basis throughout the school year.
Each school is asked to nominate or even recruit at least two pupils* that are enthusiastic and confident to speak with their peers on road safety matters.
*Please note that most schools choose the JRSOs from year 6 but some choose from year 5 or even have the school council run the scheme.
The task of the JRSOs are to organise and promote road safety initiatives, which may include participating in assemblies, displaying information or organising competitions within their school. The JRSOs can also be active in supporting the school travel plan for example; they could be responsible for collecting the information for the annual hands up survey or monitor the WoW scheme.
WoW Scheme - Walk once a week (to school)
Further Information (PDF) - Printable information regarding the Junior Road Safety Officer scheme

How to get involved, what are the next steps?
Once you have decided that this scheme would be perfect for your school, just get in touch with your respective JRSO Co-ordinator or local Road Safety Team. They will then organise delivery of your starter pack along with discussing recruitment of your JRSOs or even talking to the JRSOs, if already chosen, about what they would like to do.
If you would like further information or have any queries with regards to the scheme please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Help and Support


Now do not worry! The JRSOs will not be left alone. Even though the onus is on the JRSOs, they will be supported throughout the year in their work by their dedicated JRSO Co-ordinator should they need it (details below). This could be through visits or providing resources including prizes for competitions. 


The JRSOs will be provided a starter pack, containing information and advice. If they also have the support of a member of staff, this will give credibility to their work but like we said, the onus is on the pupils to raise awareness of road safety.



JRSO Recruitment/Selection
There are many ways you could recruit your JRSOs and your road safety officer can discuss that with you. Different ways include: 
  • Pupils apply for the job and are interviewed for the post. 
  • Pupils nominate themselves/others and are voted for by their peers. 
  • Run an election campaign explaining why they would be good at being the school’s JRSO. 
  • The class teacher could nominate suitable candidates. 
  • The departing JRSO could help recruit their replacements as one of their final tasks. 
  • Run the scheme through the school council. 


Job Description (Word) - Editable basic information to advertise the Junior Road Safety Officer role in school
Recruitment Application (Word) - Printable application form for JRSO candidates
Recruitment Presentation (PDF) - A recruitment presentation that can be used in class or an assembly to explain the role of the JRSOs to potential candidates


After recruitment/selection

Once the selection/recruitment stage has been completed, the following forms must be completed and returned to your JRSO Co-ordinator (either via post or email). 

Your co-ordinator will be in touch to arrange an informal meeting with the school representative and the JRSOs to come up with ideas on how they want to get started. Ideas can be found in both the handbook and the newsletters.


At the end of the year

In June we ask all the JRSOs that have taken part in the scheme to submit a folder of their work including photos, posters and their completed handbook. From there, their work will be entered into a countywide competition to recognise their outstanding performance to the JRSO role, where they maybe even awarded prizes for their hard work. ALL the JRSOs will receive a certificate for taking part to thank them for their dedication to spreading the word of road safety.

More information will be given toward the end of the year and in the June newsletter.

If you require any further information about the Junior Road Safety Scheme, please don't hesitate to contact your retrospective JRSO Co-ordinator.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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