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Starter Pack

Once you have decided to take part in the JRSO scheme, each school will receive an information pack to help them get started. 


JRSO Handbook


Within the pack you will receive your Junior Road Safety Handbook. This is to guide you throughout your time as the JRSOs for your school. It is yours to keep and write in and can be used to make notes when you are making plans or as a diary for the campaigns you are going to run throughout the year.
The handbook is split into easy to follow sections, with topical themes being linked to specific months throughout the year. With the help of your teachers you might decide that some topics are more important than others and it is up to you how you use your handbook. You may decide to follow themes of you own which you feel would be more beneficial to the children in your school.

Based on the sections in the handbook we have created some additional guidance to help you, and give you ideas and resources. Select the topics below to find out more!

REMEMBER - more handbooks are available should you need one, you can download one from the JRSO Documents section below or contact your Road Safety Officer who will be happy to help you. 

Top Tip!
Don't forget to take pictures and write about your JRSO activities - your hard work could win you some prizes at the end of the year. 

Monthly Handbook Themes

Click on the month/topic that you want more information on.

JRSO Monthly Newsletters 
(please note: due to technical issues the up to date newsletters have not yet been uploaded. We will upload them as soon as possible)
The newsletters are designed to help you throughout the school year. They give you topics, ideas and resources which link into the sections within your JRSO Handbook. 
A copy of the newsletter will be emailed to you but they are also available to view and download from this page. You can print them off if you need further copies. The new versions will be uploaded as soon as possible.
If you wish to have your hard work mentioned in the newsletter, have run a competition in school or presented an assembly let us know! Send us the information about what you have been up too along with pictures and we can put them in a future newsletter. This is a great idea to give other JRSOs ideas and a good place to show off all your great work. 
Do you have any ideas for the next JRSO News? Contact your JRSO Support Officer.
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JRSO Documents

JRSO Handbook (PDF)

JRSO Poster (PDF)


JRSO Leaflet (PDF) 


JRSO Further Information (PDF)

Recruited JRSO Information (PDF)

JRSO Information Sheet (PDF)

Activity Log (PDF)

Application Form (PDF)