Get involved in Road Safety

When it comes to road safety there are so many different things to get involved in.

Have a look and see what you want to get involved in. Everything that is offered in South Yorkshire, just like the JRSO Scheme, is FREE so why not?

If you have any questions about any of the events/schemes, please get in touch. 

This FREE challenge is to see how many people in your school can travel to and from school in an active way for 10 consecutive days.
Why get involved?
  • Fantastic prizes for everyone who completed/takes part the challenge including parents and staff
  • Scooterbility training for your school
  • Reduces congestion and traffic levels outside of school
  • Improve health and fitness with increased levels of walking, scooting and cycling
  • Improve air quality
How to take part?
If you are interested and would like to register your school or request additional information about the challenge, please contact:
Kathryn Harrison
0114 273 5828
Registration will open in February 2017 until Friday 7th April 2017
Here are some of the pictures from the past.

Every year BRAKE run a Road Safety Week towards the end of the year. This is a brilliant time as it links in with out Be Bright Be Seen campaign. Each year has a different theme and we run a competition in link with these theme. It is completely free to get involved as well.
Why get involved?
  • Because it is completely FREE
  • Take part in the competition we have running & some fantastic prizes to be won
  • Road Safety sessions/assemblies available for you school upon request
  • Use the week to get everyone in school involved in road safety and its importance
  • And of course have fun!
How to take part?
If you are interested in taking part or would like more information, please contact:
Laura Connell
01709 832328
or check out the JRSO homepage.
Here are some winners from previous competitions.

Modeshift Stars is a NATIONAL School Awards Scheme that is open to every school. The scheme is to recognise all the work that you are doing in school to encourage more walking and cycling/scooting.

Therefore if you are already doing all the work, why not get recognised for it and register - it is completely FREE.

Why get involved?
  • Recognises everything you are already doing
  • Because it is completely FREE
  • Promotes active, healthier lifestyles through walking and cycling to school
  • Automatically generates a new school travel plan which will save time and money
  • Assists with the Junior Road Safety Officer role
  • You will also receive a National Accreditation, which includes a plaque, certificate and the use of the Modeshift Stars logo and the chance to compete nationally
How to take part?
If you are interested and would like more information about the scheme, please contact:
Kathryn Harrison
0114 273 5828
You can also register via
However, please let us know as we can provide you with assistance and provide you with evidence of work done when we attend your school. 
Why not read the current Modeshift Stars newsletter to see what everyone has been getting up to. Remember the JRSO Scheme can count towards your accreditation.