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Being part of the JRSO scheme means there are so many different things you can get involved in. So lets look at what you want to do...

Events coming up...

There are so many events coming up, what can you get involved in? 

May - Living Streets National Walking Month

8th May - 14th May UN Global Road Safety Week

5th June - 16th June 10 Day Active Travel Challenge

Let us know if you have an safety events coming up or want to get involved. Our contact details are below.

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Moving on from the topic of safer places to play, we want to make sure that when children are out they play safer. We touched on this during December when children could have received new toys but as the weather is getting better and days are longer, now is another great time to remind children how to say safer when playing.

Go to your newsletter to look at all the activities coming up or to the cycle & scooter safety page.

Can you answer this questions? What about the other children in your school, do they know the answer?


Whilst the weather is getting warmer and the nights are lighter, we want to make sure that when children are out playing they do so in a Safer Place





The topic for this month is School Gate Parking. A favourite with the teachers. School gate parking is a massive issue for most, if not all schools. Take a look at your newsletter for ideas or click here

Which pictures shows how it should be outside schools?


This month was about Seat belts and Car Seats. This is a very important topic, with many activities to do such as reading a story, doing a survey or even measuring young children to see if they need a car seat.


January was the time to do some catching up and planning for future JRSO themes. Look through your handbook and check your newsletter for ideas and activities. 

As you know some children may have received bicycles, scooters or roller blades for Christmas, so we want to ensure that when they are using them they are safe doing so.

Then we have mobiles and mp3 players that children may receive. These can be a distraction when using them if out and about.

Look back at the previous topics; the Green Cross Code and Be Bright Be Seen to remind children what to do.

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