Being able to drive provides people with the freedom to travel for work, business or leisure, but we sometimes forget the great responsibility that comes with driving and the affects a moments lapse could have on ourselves or other people.  The South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership aim to educate and provide free advice for all drivers of all ages.

As a driver there are a number of tips that you can follow:-

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership Driver Initiatives

For South Yorkshire specific initiatives please follow the links below:-


Useful Links 

Vehicle Road Safety Advice

Good Egg Guide - New Parents Guide to Child Car Seats, helpful advice and information on choosing the right seat for your child.

Good Egg Guide - Child Car Seat Exceptions

Advanced Driving

IAM RoadSmart - Institute of Advanced Motorists 

Reporting Pot Holes/Debris & Spillages, (including mud and farm/work site materials) -

Sheffield Council - Online Streets Ahead  or or o

Rotherham Council - Online Street Pride 

Barnsley Council - Online at Road Maintenance 

Doncaster Council - Online Highway Network Management

Major Roads - Reporting Road Obstructions

Smart Motorways - Advice from the Highways Agency on the changes to sections of the M1 in South Yorkshire, including the new smart motorway signs and their meanings


Horse Safety - Advice on safely negotiating horses being ridden on the road and country lanes.


For further information on the Safer Roads Partnership and any of its campaigns or initiatives, or if you have any queries, then please feel free to email or telephone 01709 832455 and ask for the Safer Roads Office.

To keep up-to-date with our many events and initiatives around South Yorkshire then follow us on Twitter or via our Facebook page.