The events were held as follows:
Sheffield Get Lifewise – 30 July 2015
Barnsley Get Lifewise  28 August 2015
Rotherham Get Lifewise  11 September 2015

All events went down really well with the attendees.

Marilyn Baldwin OBE for Think Jessica and her husband visited us for the first time on 28 August. Marilyn has also  attended the National Older People’s Day event as a speaker on 1 October 2015.

The Lady Mayor and Consort opened the event on 11 September 2015 and they really enjoyed their time at the event.

Feedback from the events was great, comments included:
‘Fantastic idea to run this event for older people’
‘Fire Service were great, lots of good advice’
‘Staff were very helpful and knowledgeable’
‘A fantastic day and well organised’
‘Very enjoyable, instructive, friendly and thoughtful folk’
‘Very well run, scenarios very good and informative, learnt new stuff and nice buffet’

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