House fires have fallen massively in the last few years, but our county's firefighters still go to hundreds of accidental blazes every year. So follow our tips below to lower your chances of suffering a fire at home:

Never leave cooking unattended- cooking is the cause of more than half of the house fires we attend, so keep your eye on your cooking, don't use a chip pan and switch everything off after use

Look out for faulty electrics- scorch marks, frayed wires and sparking plugs are all signs that an electrical appliance is unsafe to use and may cause a fire. Replace unsafe equipment, don't overload extension leads and switch plugs off at night

Take care with candles and heaters- keep candles and heather away from anything flammable, like curtains, and put tealights in a proper holder- never on plastic surfaces like TVs

Keep an eye on young children-  always keep matches and lighters away from young children and talk to them about what to do if they discover a fire in the home

Smoking and cigarettes- if you smoke, don't light up if you need to lie down. You could easily fall asleep, setting the bed of couch on fire

Have working smoke alarms- if you do have a fire, smoke alarms can give you vital extra minutes to escape. You sould have smoke alarms on every level of your home and test them weekly

Did you know? You could receive free smoke alarms, as part of a Home Safety Check. To sign up for a visit, text FREE to 87023 or call our hotline on 0114 253 2314.

For more information on fire safety in your home visit the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue website or Facebook page