South Yorkshire Police aim to protect communities from the impact of drug use by tackling drug supply, drug related crime and antisocial behaviour.

It is illegal to possess or supply drugs. South Yorkshire Police do not tolerate drug related crime and officers continue to work with partners to take action to improve the quality of life for communities who are affected by drug crime. To do this the Force need help from the public.

Local residents are often best placed to see on a daily basis whether their neighbours are behaving suspiciously and could be in possession of, cultivating or supplying drugs in their homes.

Anyone who has information about drug crime is urged to contact us on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

South Yorkshire Police work with partner agencies to also help educate people to resist drug use and partner agencies help with the treatment for people with drug problems to help get them away from drugs.


Help and Advice

If you are concerned about or affected by drugs, FRANK helpline provides free confidential advice, counselling and referral to specialist services 24 hours a day. To access the confidential service call 0800 77 66 00, or visit

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