Alcohol can be a focal point for many social occasions but it can also be a contributory factor in many crimes. Drinking heavily can also make you vulnerable and increase the risk of you becoming a victim of crime.

South Yorkshire Police continue to work to tackle alcohol related crime and would advise people to be sensible and drink responsibly. South Yorkshire Police work with pubs, clubs, shops and off licences to enforce licensing legislation. Officers work with licensees through initiatives such as Pubwatch and police carry out test purchasing operations on a regular basis at licensed premises and shops to ensure they are complying with the law and not selling alcohol to underage people. Regular patrols are also carried out in key areas to target underage drinking and antisocial behaviour.

There are strict laws governing alcohol consumption in the UK. It is against the law:


Drinking in public

Some towns have alcohol-free zones where nobody can drink in public. Even where these aren’t in place the police can take away alcohol or move young people on if they have been drinking. They could even be fined or arrested.


For more advice on alcohol and the law please visit the alcohol section on the Home Office website below:

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