In simple terms, burglary involves the entry to a building without permission and the theft or attempt theft of any property within. A burglary can occur at private properties, such as houses, flats, sheds, garages and outhouses or at business premises and public buildings.

There are also other types of burglary including, Distraction Burglary or you may have heard of 'Hanoi' or '2-in-1' burglary.

Generally speaking, the single feature of any burglary, is the theft of items from property.


Keep your Home Secure


I've heard of 'Hanoi' or '2-in-1' burglaries - what does this mean?

Quite simply this means the taking of the family car during the course of the burglary.

Again, unlocked / insecure doors and windows often give opportunist criminals easy access to property, sometimes without victims not even knowing that someone has been into their house. Car keys left in plain sight, within easy reach of windows and doors are vulnerable - keep them in a safe place.


What is Distraction Burglary?

A Distraction Burglary is a type of burglary where the 'method of entry' is to trick the occupant rather than forcing entry or sneaking into a property. It is an incident where the caller gives false or misleading details such as pretending to be from a utility company or even a police officer to gain entry. It is either their manner, actions or persistence that allows them to gain entry and either steal or deceive and confuse the occupant into parting with cash or property.

If someone unknown turns up at your door, think about whether you are expecting anyone and look to see if you recognise them before answering the door. It is important to always ask for and check Identification carefully and contact the company to see if that person should be at your house. If in doubt, do not let the person into your house.

For further information, please see our Bogus Official & Rogue Traders section.


'Keep it Safe'

How safe is your home or car? South Yorkshire Police are asking the public to follow basic crime prevention advice to stop people becoming victims of crime.

For more information, advice and to track where there have been reports of burglary and vehicle crime local to you, visit Operation Lockdown.


If you have information about crime in your area, please phone South Yorkshire Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.